“To transform businesses, through transformed people”

Padawan Consulting, together with our wider network of partners, provides services around Innovation, Agility, Design Thinking, Digital Strategy, Coaching, People, Culture and Leadership.


Padawan means “learner” in Sanskrit.

The word is derived from a combination of two Sanskrit words. “Pada” meaning foot, and “wan”, spelled “vana”, which means forest, or interpreted as the new world.

This is perceived to mean “a footstep in the forest”. In other words “You’ve taken your first step into this new world“

At Padawan Consulting, we believe in learning, and having a growth mindset. We embrace challenges that are within our means, we have a sense of curiosity and see opportunities where others see problems. We see effort as a path to personal mastery and we are inspired by the success or others. We promote a greater sense of independence, and continuously learn through experimentation.


We have a Meta-methodology that encompasses several other methodologies that are leveraged and tailored together with your team to get the most value for your business

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