Agile project management is widely regarded as the  methodology best suited to address the short-comings of traditional project management approaches to software development and technological innovation.

To keep up with the rapid rate of change in technology, customer demand and explosion in new competitive rivals, organizations are adopting Agile project management to be more responsive to opportunities and threats , and deliver new services and products at a faster rate. with higher quality.

Is your organisation looking to adopt Agile processes and need training or consulting? We are here to help! We offer both training and consulting services to assist your organisation in successfully  adopting agile business and software development processes.


We offer a one day Agile training course to introduce the agile process in your organisation.

Our approach to training is to engage learners in a meaningful way, using interactive methods, rich content and robust discussion.

Learners only retain 10% of information from books. hands on learning is the better approach in order to build capabilities.


Further to the training, once all team members fully understand the terminology and process, we can help the team drive alignment and common understanding of the product through a team-lift off process as part of our consulting services

Additional coaching and consulting services may be offered to help Do you want people to HEAR IT or Do you want people to LEARN IT?

Agile in a Day – Course Objectives

Our “agile in a day” course is expertly designed to introduce teams to the core concepts required to understand the agile approach. It covers the Agile Manifesto, its values and principles, understanding the Scrum Framework, overview of supporting activities in Scrum Framework and understanding Kanban

  • Understand the Agile approach
    • Why Agile
    • Agile Manifesto
    • When to use agile?
  • Scrum Framework
    • Scrum Pillars
    • Core scrum behaviours
    • Scrum process
  • Scrum Roles
    • Product Owner
    • Scrum Master
    • Delivery team
  • Scrum events
    • Daily Stand-ups
    • Sprint reviews
    • Sprint planning
    • Retrospectives
  • Product Vision
    • The vision statement
  • Backlog Management
    • Prioritising the backlog
    • Moscow Analysis
  • User Stories
    • Why user stories
    • 3 “R” concept
    • INVEST Criteria
    • Story Hierarchy
    • Estimating Stories
  • MVP
    • What is a Minimal viable product
  • Kanban Overview
  • Agile Simulation

Course Attendance | Price (ex vat)

Min 6 people R4,000 pp

Training may be customised to suit your requirements. Contact us to discuss your specific needs. Online options available.

(During Covid, space limited to 8 pax)


Scroll images for images from our training sessions


We also offer consulting and coaching services to assist your organisation in implementing agile processes and adopting agile project management.  Whether its a team lift-off process, a pilot project or existing project selected by yourselves,  our experts will take your team through the agile process to shorted the learning curve and overcome common problems and challenges. We provide short-term as well as long term support.

Our experts will work with your scrum masters, product owners, project managers and implementation teams with one-on-one coaching, will help facilitate events and ensure that you derive all of the value from the agile approach in a short a space of time as possible.

Changing the culture of the organisation and implementing a process changes such as Agile can be a challenge. Let us assist you in your journey to becoming an agile and responsive organisation.


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