The great digital divide

When the pandemic first hit in March 2020, there was this joke doing the rounds on social media. It went something like this: Who is leading Digital Transformation in your business: The Chief Executive Officer? the Chief Digital Officer? Covid19? Covid19 amplified the speed at which companies adopted digital technologies with the promise of hugeContinue reading “The great digital divide”

Resilience in a world without rules

Fluidity is defined as the state of being unsettled or unstable. In other words, to have a sense of changeability.  Bruce Lee epitomised fluidity and practiced this ability to be in a constant state of flow which is a state of intense focus. Being focused is also knowing how to adapt and respond as necessary.Continue reading “Resilience in a world without rules”

The Six Million Dollar Man | Die Man van Staal

In a fast pace and ever-changing world, digital transformation is a reality that individuals and companies must embrace. More and more, people and businesses need leverage these digital technologies to become bionic. This notion of being bionic is key to embracing uncertainty. What does it mean to be bionic? In the 80s, there was aContinue reading “The Six Million Dollar Man | Die Man van Staal”

Which is more Bionic?

The illustration below considers how business should be considering leveraging technology. If I was to pose the question to you, “Which is more bionic?” the robot, which is a mechanical and command driven device or the human leveraging technology to make her stronger, faster and who can leverage data and technology for better insights. IContinue reading “Which is more Bionic?”